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About Alexandra De V

Alexandra de V


In my family we have always loved Spain, or at least we have respected it. I was born in a city called Cuenca in Ecuador, once proclaimed Cuenca del Rey (for paying fidelity to the King of Spain with the independence Bolivarian attempts)

Well, that's where I come from, as well as my ancestors. It is difficult not to love Spain. It is rare not to love the mother.

And it became very natural and easy for me to come, almost a decade ago, to live in Madrid. We have the same language, the same traditions, folklore is very similar, family dynamics, the good food, the architecture, the look, the features very similar

Although we, Hispanic Americans, carry miscegenation with great affection. That miscegenation promoted by Queen Isabella I of Castile, who once  said: “Spaniards marry Indians and Indians with Spaniards” and here we are Hispanic Americans, alive and not dead.

That's why this luxury brand is created, to make a tribute and to thank our history and culture. Showing craftsmanship and excellence Spanish know-how together with the great history of Spain, with bright, vibrant colors and its joy for life and freedom.

Feel that emotion of wearing an accessory with which you fully identify. A silk scarf or a jewel that you can wear daily and pass it from generation to generation.

Scarves, jewelry and deco accessories that do not depend on temporary fashion, but of feelings, with a design that can be worn with pride, pride for Spain and our history.

Each of these pieces pay homage to our blood, to Spanish blood. A piece of me is deposited in each of these pieces.

Feel them with your heart and fill them with illusions and joy.

They are luxury products, of those that stay forever.

Alexandra de Vinueza

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