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The Box

The boxes containing the Alexandra de V pieces are made with every detail in mind. Its characteristic green color is not a casual choice, as it is inspired by another Spanish product that represents our country across the seas: the olive.

This beautiful color of such a precious symbol of our country evokes the Spanish countryside and transports us to the landscapes of olive groves that extend throughout southern Spain.

Alexandra de V boxes are completely handmade by experienced craftspeople whose care and dedication delivers the most excellent results. It only takes a simple glance to realize that in the process every single characterizing detail has been taken care of, and that the container of Alexandra de V products is already a luxury object in itself.

This is why Alexandra de V boxes require the utmost care.  In case you wish to return any product, it must be returned with its original box.

The ever-exciting unpacking ritual, the experience of discovering something special, takes a step further with sustainable packaging from Alexandra de V.

Its creation is part of the most appropriate and at the same time creative design with which the firm can be more respectful with the environment.

Alexandra de V's packaging adds to the unpacking ritual a declaration of love, commitment and respect for our planet.

The paper and cardboard of the bags and boxes comes from forest sources managed in an absolutely sustainable way.

The unmistakable green color of the paper responds to a production process that reduces the use of inks and is fully recyclable.

The ribbons that adorn the boxes are 100% organic cotton. Taking the brand's commitment to positive change even further, an exclusive Alexandra de V reusable linen pouch is included in the jewelry packaging.

Alexandra de V is also incorporating sustainable packaging methods and materials in its logistics and, as a proof of this, another of the firm's objectives is to phase out single-use plastics.

Thus, all packaging for e-commerce and retail products will not contain plastics.


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