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Blas de Lezo Double-sided silk scarf 90

Color: Multicolor/olive green and cream

Material: 100% silk

Measures 35.4" x 35.4" 90x90 cm ::: the scarf is hand-rolled, the dimensions indicated may vary.

Made in Italy


Spain is one of the few nations that has shaped today’s world with its culture and blood. The motherland has been raised to its maximum prominence thanks to the sacrifice and gallantry of great heroes like Blas de Lezo.

The legacy of the great Spanish admiral is summarized in the recognition of Hispanic culture. While in Cartagena de Indias, Lezo saved it from one of the most brutal aggressions that Spanish America has suffered. Vice Admiral Vernon surrendered in the face of the determination and heroism of a handful of men led by a masterful sailor like Don Blas.

Thus, they were able to save the heart and soul of Hispanic-America thanks to the strength of an exceptional hero, thus marking the difference between glory and failure.

Alexandra de V has captured in a silk scarf the vitality and strength of all that is the Hispanic. Through this incredible garment, she transports women and all their elegance to that historical moment where race and the value of what is ours burst in an explosion of colors and magical sensations full of legends.

The spirit of Alexandra de V has been able to cross all the boundaries of history to bring you to a mythical hero.

We’re not just talking about a silk scarf.

We’re talking about a unique and exclusive garment.

For those women whose hearts beat under the colors of red and yellow.

Alexandra de V breaks through the limits of women's fashion.  

Fusing the glory, the pride of feeling Hispanic and the courage of an invincible admiral such as Don Blas de Lezo.

Taking elegance to another level, while paying tribute to one of the greatest champions that the motherland has had.

Text: Jesus Angel Rojo Pinilla


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