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Christopher Columbus Double-sided silk scarf 90

Color: fuchsia/lavender

Material: 100% silk

Dimensions: 90x90 cm (35,4 x 35,4 inches) square 

Made in Italy

This is a very original silk scarf in Spain, as it has a different color design on each of its sides. By using a different color on each of them (fuchsia and charcoal gray), Alexandra De V represents the two worlds in this silk scarf.

Christopher Columbus had the support of two great women: The first was his wife, who not only put him in contact with important personalities of the time, but also provided him with very relevant marine documentation that she herself had inherited. The second was Queen Isabella I of Castile or Isabella the Catholic, since it was she who financed all his expeditions.

This double-sided scarf has Christopher Columbus surrounded by a marine map that appears inside a rudder. The map contains the three caravels with which he carried out his expeditions: La Pinta, La Niña and La Santa Maria.

With two different sides, this scarf offers great versatility: one is designed in bright, vibrant colors, while the other features darker tones that make it subtle yet distinguishable.

This product is handmade and in very small and exclusive productions, we do not manufacture in volume, it is for that reason and due to the delays that the pandemic is generating, note that this silk scarf could reach your hands in approximately 12 weeks from the day it does you order.


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