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Panama Hat Extra Fine

Natural straw color, does not contain pigments
Cup height: 10 cm to 11 cm | Brim length: 12 cm to 15 cm. These measurements can vary a lot due to the fact that they are 100% handmade from the beginning of the process.

The Alexandra  de  V  Montecristi Panama Extra-fine with a big-size brim. It is crafted from 'Toquilla' straw and has a super extra-fine knotted 19 to 20 nots, weaving performed 100% manually.

Instructions for your care:
* It is not advisable to expose the hat to high dry temperatures.
* For straw hats to maintain their beauty, they need to be in humid environments, since if they dry out, they break.

The black ribbon is accompanied by the flag of Spain and the Alexandra de V logo.

Made in Ecuador 


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