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Spanish Carnation Double-sided silk scarf 90

Color: Red, yellow/green, red.

Material: 100% silk 

Measures 35.4" x 35.4" 90x90 cm ::: the scarf is hand-rolled, the dimensions indicated may vary. Square.

If there is an ambassador that perfectly represents the character of our country, it is the Spanish carnation. This Mediterranean flower exemplifies with simplicity everything that Spain transmits to the world: joy, passion, color and elegance. With an almost infinite range of shades, carnations embellish every corner of our geography throughout the year- Its origins date back to Roman times, and since then its presence in all artistic disciplines has been pervasive and recurrent. When one thinks of the Spanish woman, the mind’s eye inevitably conjures an image of a woman with black hair that is usually tied back and crowned with a red carnation. And this image is no coincidence, since this flower has long been the standard of Spanishness that lives forever in our national imaginary.

It is a morning carnation

the face of my gypsy

that is a morning carnation

when she looks out the window

I feel jealous of the air

"Alegría", by Fosforito

This is why Alexandra de V wanted to pay tribute to such a beautiful symbol of our country and incorporate it into her collection of jewelry and accessories.

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